In these tough economic times, when our government is bailing out banks and credit card companies with your tax dollars, it seems ironic that no one has considered how to give consumers relief from their increasing debt (which is often caused by predatory practices of credit card companies and banks, but sometimes caused by circumstances of life).

There are many different reasons why people turn to debt relief programs. They may have seen their available credit become drastically reduced or their interest rates and minimum payments becoming excessively high over time. Many have suffered a financial setback leaving them unable to make even minimum payments on their debt.

We are committed to making positive changes in the lives of individuals and families by offering only the highest level service of bankruptcy alternatives for debt and tax relief.

Consumer Service

Do you need debt relief or relief from IRS debt? Call us for a free assessment at 877-282-0555. We serve in the capacity of providing debt and tax relief through various options including debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt management, FDCPA protection, bankruptcy, and more. Once we determine the best route for your financial circumstances, we then suggest three of our trusted affiliate partners, thus allowing you to do your own due diligence. Our assessment and referral service is offered at no cost, so call or inquire today!

About Our Services

Are you currently in the debt settlement business or looking for a new and compliant debt settlement company? Perhaps you’re a financial planner, CPA or mortgage broker looking to expand your product offerings, by offering various debt settlement programs? We offer free training and support, plus, you’ll be assigned a personal account executive who is motivated to help you succeed.

Our platform includes a fully integrated back-end CRM, lead and prospect management, a client portal, income & expense reporting, FREE DocuSign electronic signature, multi-pay settlements, real-time client balances, real-time creditor averages, and more--all of this offered at no cost for affiliates! Call or inquire today!

Debt Settlement Services include..

Who We Are

The Debt Alternative Center offers back-end debt settlement processing for new and existing companies providing debt resolution. Our National backend service also includes FDCPA protection and Debt Resolution, Attorney and Performance Model Debt Settlement, along with IRS Tax Resolution, Defaulted Student Loans and Bankruptcy.

Contact Us

Call us today 877-282-0555, or inquire online. All of our services are FTC & TSR compliant. Our attorney’s have A+ BBB ratings and our back end debt settlement processing service offers the highest splits in the industry. No upfront cost, personal training and marketing support. Contact us today to learn more about our debt settlement net branch and franchise affiliate programs.
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