Debt settlement affiliate program offers 5% upfront in 50 states

Earn 5 percent upfront The Debt Alternative Center (DAC) announces DAC affiliates can now receive up to 5% of the debt enrolled over three months in all states, including red states like CT, WV and WA.


A debt settlement affiliate that has a file in a red state, or a file that was previously denied has the opportunity to get paid 5% upfront of a debt enrolled within the first three months of the client draft. This means our investors will buy a $45,000 file in WA for $2,250 within the first three months. This is a great alternative to the performance model because those enrolled in our debt settlement affiliate program get paid first while the investor waits until the accounts within the file get settled to get paid,” explained a company spokesperson.


According to the company, DAC affiliates can help individuals and families during the current economic crisis while creating a new debt settlement business opportunity and new revenue stream.


“6% of Americans, or 14 million, are still paying off credit card bills from last Christmas and overall purchases using credit have increased more than 7%,” added the spokesperson.


The Debt Alternative Center provides support and debt settlement back end processing to its affiliates, plus provides solutions in cases like default student loan, debt management plan, assistance in improving credit scores by removing negative or outdated information from consumers’ credit reports, support for analyzing state tax or IRS debt, and support for affiliates with clients facing bankruptcy.


The Debt Alternative Center also provides debt settlement back end processing, debt settlement training, and more making it one of the top debt settlement processing companies.


Find out more about the debt settlement affiliate program by calling, in the US, 1-877-282-0555 or visit Debt Alternative Center website.

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