Seeking Major Debt Relief… The US Government

With only four days left before the “fiscal cliff” hits, Congress, President Obama, the Republican and Democratic leaders are all rushing to come to a solution for 2013 budget deficit. The “fiscal cliff”, in a nut shell, is a term used to describe the economic effects that will occur if existing laws remain unchanged regarding taxes and government spending. One group suggest higher taxes and more temporary economic stimulus spending while the other group propose to extend all of the Bush tax cuts which they claim will help fuel business growth and consumer spending as well as cut the expansion of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in order to curtail the deficit over time and speed economic recovery. If no deal is reached by December 31st, economists assert that the financial markets will collapse and the U.S. will go into a recession. How will this impact our lives?

Policy uncertainty will drive the stock prices down, business will be too worried to hire or expand resulting in higher unemployment rates, Americans will see higher taxes and less discretionary income, government programs such as military and social programs will be severely reduced and much more negative result will occur.

Nothing good happens being in debt. It is best to get help with debt problems immediately as it could lead to severe consequences if not address properly as we can see with the U.S. debt crisis. Unlike the fiscal cliff debacle, there is debt relief available for personal finance through the help of debt settlement programs like Debt Alternative Center who support debt free causes.

Debt Relief 5 Tips which can help

Debt Relief ~ The Only Way Out, Even When in Overwhelming Debt!!!

5 Tips for Debt Relief

When you are not able to manage your medical bills, credit cards, payday loans or other bills, only a debt relief program can help you. There are numerous options debt consolidation, debt settlement and debt management. To determine what suits you best, you can opt for a no-obligation counseling, that’s free of charge. This will give you an idea on how to proceed. Here’s a look at the top few debt relief options:

Five Different Debt Relief Options and How to Determine what’s Best:

Listed below are five emergency debt relief options. A brief outline will help you understand each option and makes it easy for determining what’s best.

Consolidation programs: If you are a person intending to minimize interest rates and make just one payment against loan, then debt consolidation will be your best bet. There are many Debt Relief companies that offer such programs. Here’s a list of the benefits when going with a debt consolidation company, besides they negotiating on your behalf:

  • Reduction in Interest Rates
  • Reduced Monthly Installments
  • Reduction / Waiver on the Late Fees
  • One Monthly Payment
  • Absolutely no calls harassing for repayment from different creditors.

Debt Consolidation payment is chosen, for solving two purposes:

Credit card consolidation: When you are not able to manage different credit cards and make individual payments for each, credit card consolidation can be ideal. Opting for credit card debt relief programs, it is possible to consolidate different credit cards into one payment towards repayment, every month. You can choose a debt relief USA company to get this done for you.

Bill consolidation: If pending bills on medicines or utility is your problem, then choosing bill consolidation will help with handling the same. It could be any bill, including credit cards, store cards or even personal loans. You could include it to debt relief plans or programs.

Debt settlement: This is another option where you hire a settlement company to negotiate you’re your creditors and reduce the outstanding debt. Settlement is just one way to get credit card debt relief and more useful when you have multiple card and can’t manage minimum monthly installments.


The advantages of choosing Debt Settlement include:


  • One monthly Payment
  • Avert lawsuits / wage garnishment
  • Single monthly payment
  • Harassing calls from creditors will come to a stop
  • Avert Bankruptcy filing

Debt management: This is another debt relief USA program, for which your debt will be analyzed by a credit counseling agency, along with your financial situation. Based on this, they negotiate with your creditors, to help you with promptly paying off bills. When opting for this method, you don’t send your repayment to creditors, but rather, send them to the credit counselor. This is then distributed amongst your creditors.

Advantages of Debt management:

  • Reduction in Monthly Interest
  • Reduced Monthly Installment
  • Waiver on late / extra charges
  • Creditor / collection calls will be curbed


Self repayment plan: This is an option where you get to manage your own funds, without help from professional debt relief USA programs. In this method, you come up with a list of expenses, debts and other priorities and then, prepare a budget according to which, you can pay all your bills and manage the funds, wisely.

Advantages of self-repayment:

  • Pay off your bills without professional help
  • No obligation to pay for the services of a third party
  • You learn to better manage your money and expenses

Bankruptcy: You can choose between Chapter 7 & 13, to file a Bankruptcy when other debt relief programs don’t help you get out of debt. In such a scenario, Bankruptcy gets you relief through the court and is your last and only hope! However, this also ruins all your credit history and it is really difficult to qualify for loans post Bankruptcy. It is ideal to forget Bankruptcy and try other debt relief USA programs.

Card Consolidation Company

Card ConsolidationHow to Find a Credit Card Consolidation Company and Get Out of Debt

Did you know that about 50% of Americans are in debt nowadays and many of them are swamped by the pressures of calls, letters and emails demanding payment on debts that they are unable to pay? It is a startling figure and if you’re one of those people you don’t have to receive those hounding calls a second longer. You have the option to find a credit card consolidation program that can help you release the burden of your credit card debt by consolidating it and paying it off in one monthly payment instead of tiny little payments to all of your creditors that never seem to make a dent in the debts. By choosing a professional and capable credit card consolidation company, you can begin to work that debt down without anymore hassles from debt collectors hounding you day and night. A professional credit card consolidation company will take over the debt repayment process and help you to find a payment option that is right for you.

To help you start the process, here are 4 tips on how to find a credit card consolidation program to get you on the path to being free of credit card debt once and for all.

  1. Reputation – A company’s reputation will always shine through whether it is good or bad and if you are considering going with a credit card consolidation company the best thing you can do is find out what people are saying about it. Check things like online reviews, the company’s rating at BBB (Better Business Bureau), testimonials on the company’s site, etc. Knowing a company’s reputation can help to ease your mind about whether the company is right for you and allows you to feel secure in your choice as well.
  2. Accreditations – Sadly, not all credit card consolidation companies are equal and going into your search for one you should keep this in mind. Ask the company about its accreditations or check online to find out where it is accredited. Some of the best accreditations are through BBB, Council on Accreditation (COA) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the company you choose should be accredited by one of the three at least.
  3. Charges, Plans and Other Parts of the Debt Consolidation Process – Before signing up with a credit card consolidation company find out how the company’s process works. What are the fees or charges involved in the process and can you afford them? Are they willing to work with you on the initial fees if you are unable to afford them? Does the company create a written plan for debt consolidation based upon your individual financial situation? You can get a very detailed snapshot of whether or not a debt consolidation company is right for you by asking about their consolidation process. Don’t make the mistake of signing up for the program without doing a little digging first.
  4. Be Smart – Credit card consolidation is never going to be a quick and easy fix that is done in a matter of days, so don’t be fooled by a credit card consolidation company that tells you otherwise. The process will take a while and it may not be as easy as you thought it would be because you’re still paying off all of your debt, you’re just doing it in one lumped payment instead of small little payments to all of your debtors. Yes, the process can take a while, but it is worth it to be free of debt and back on your feet without that heavy weight resting on your shoulders anymore.

Alternatives to declaring bankruptcy

Bankruptcy AlternativesEasy and effective alternatives to declaring bankruptcy


Are you deep in debt and planning for declaring bankruptcy? Wait a moment and think hundred times before you actually take a step ahead towards filing bankruptcy. It is perhaps the easiest option that helps you get rid of all outstanding debts. You can file bankruptcy in the court, at any time. However, make sure you are well informed about the cons of filing a bankruptcy lawsuit.


Bankruptcy can severely damage your credit score. Your credit score is likely to experience a drop like a stone, after you declare bankruptcy. Bad credit score can cease your ability to get any new loan. You may even face difficulties in getting a job, if you have declared bankruptcy. In a nutshell, filing bankruptcy can cause unforeseen financial distress for you as well as your family. Therefore, you must think about some good alternatives such as debt settlement, credit counseling or debt consolidation, to bankruptcy.


Alternatives to bankruptcy


Nowadays, millions of Americans are filing bankruptcy for several reasons; but it should not be the only option to get rid of debts, rather it should be the last option. To avoid bankruptcy, you can choose any of the alternatives discussed below as per your requirement and situation.


  • Debt settlement – This is one of the best and most effective options that can help you get rid of huge financial burden. There are a number of debt settlement companies that work for people like you for minimum fees. You can seek their help or do it by yourself. This alternative helps you negotiate with your creditors and settle down your unsecured loans including credit card loans, for an amount lesser than what you actually owe.
  • Credit counseling – If you feel uncomfortable to talk to the creditor, then you can get help of a credit counseling agency. Credit counseling agencies play important role to avoid bankruptcy. These agencies negotiate with the creditor, on behalf of the debtor to lessen the rate of interest. At the same time, the credit counselor helps by jotting down a repayment plan approved by both you (debtor) and your creditor.


  • Debt consolidation – This is another good alternative to bankruptcy. This method helps you consolidate your entire outstanding debts into a single manageable debt. This unique technique is much effective to prevent bankruptcy. The actual purpose of this program is to lower your financial burden of paying off delinquent loans by reducing the rate of interest.


Debt settlement, debt consolidation and credit counseling are most useful methods to prevent bankruptcy. However, if the above-mentioned options fail to help you, then you can declare bankruptcy.

Debt settlement affiliate program offers 5% upfront in 50 states

Earn 5 percent upfront The Debt Alternative Center (DAC) announces DAC affiliates can now receive up to 5% of the debt enrolled over three months in all states, including red states like CT, WV and WA.


A debt settlement affiliate that has a file in a red state, or a file that was previously denied has the opportunity to get paid 5% upfront of a debt enrolled within the first three months of the client draft. This means our investors will buy a $45,000 file in WA for $2,250 within the first three months. This is a great alternative to the performance model because those enrolled in our debt settlement affiliate program get paid first while the investor waits until the accounts within the file get settled to get paid,” explained a company spokesperson.


According to the company, DAC affiliates can help individuals and families during the current economic crisis while creating a new debt settlement business opportunity and new revenue stream.


“6% of Americans, or 14 million, are still paying off credit card bills from last Christmas and overall purchases using credit have increased more than 7%,” added the spokesperson.


The Debt Alternative Center provides support and debt settlement back end processing to its affiliates, plus provides solutions in cases like default student loan, debt management plan, assistance in improving credit scores by removing negative or outdated information from consumers’ credit reports, support for analyzing state tax or IRS debt, and support for affiliates with clients facing bankruptcy.


The Debt Alternative Center also provides debt settlement back end processing, debt settlement training, and more making it one of the top debt settlement processing companies.


Find out more about the debt settlement affiliate program by calling, in the US, 1-877-282-0555 or visit Debt Alternative Center website.

Free Debt widget

Free spinet of code, which will install a debt widget and a debt settlement calculator


There is a debt widget called the debt settlement calculator designed by the Debt Alternative Center to aid both companies who are affiliates of the Debt Alternative Center as well as their clients. This debt settlement calculator helps to give an overview of how much commission the affiliates will be making. It is also very helpful for clients who want to compare the debt settlement programs offered by the Debt Alternative Center and other programs. This article will cover the brief overview of the debt widget called the “Debt Settlement Calculator” by the Debt Alternative Center.

This debt widget is a must for affiliates and sales representative of the Debt Alternative Center to show prospective clients how much they will be saving through the debt settlement program offered by the Debt Alternative Center. There will be a clear table of comparison for the clients to compare between the program offered by the Debt Alternative Center, and other popular debt settlement programs such as taking a consolidation loan, going for credit counseling and Do Nothing. This clear comparison will give insight to clients on how much they will be able to save in the long run if they choose to use the debt settlement program offered by the Debt Alternative Center as opposed to the other traditional alternatives.

All the affiliate needs to do to use the debt settlement calculator is to enter in the total amount of the unsecured debt, the average interest rate and the desired program length into the respective fields and click on ‘calculate’ to be presented with graphs that shows the total amount paid, the total interest paid, the monthly payment and the months to pay off. Right below the four graphs, a clear table is present to show the differences between the program offered by the Debt Alternative Center against Do Nothing, credit counseling and consolidation loan. This gives the client a clear view on how the Debt Alternative Center settlement program could really help them to save a lot.

Affiliates and sales representatives of the Debt Alternative Center will definitely benefit from this debt widget if they install it on their website. It is easy to download this debt widget and install it on your own website. This will help to pull in more clients, as this debt settlement calculator puts them into the light of the clear advantage of using the programs offered by the Debt Alternative Center.

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