Debt Settlement Affiliate

As an Affiliate with The Debt Alternative Center, you not only get world class service and personal  one on one training all free of charge, but you  also get access to additional services in which you will be able to offer to your clients, thus getting the highest return on your leads.

The Debt Alternative has three FTC compliant Debt Settlement / Debt Restructuring services

1st and most popular is FDCPA: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act + Debt Restructuring

Unlike traditional debt settlement, Attorneys “do not get paid” until a settlement has been reached except for a small retainer fee which entities them to protect your client and to search for violations of FDCPA. Creditors often will violate the FDCPA allowing the attorney to cite these violations, which are $1,000 per violation. Next the attorney will use these violations as leverage to negotiate a debt restructure /settlement for your client.

A+ rating with BBB (unheard of with traditional debt settlement attorneys’)

2nd Debt Settlement Service – Attorney Model

Just like traditional debt settlement where the affiliate charges an enrollment fee of 15% to 17% and then client enters into a program for 2-5 years. The difference is now an attorney or staff member of the firm will meet with the client in person and sign the contract, hence the name “Face to Face” Attorney Model. (currently being reviewed)

3rd is the Debt Settlement Service – Performance Model

No one’s earns a commission until a settlement has been reached. With this model the client can be assured that not a cent of their money will used until a settlement with their creditor is reached. This is great program, especially if you’re pitching against another company.


Other National Services include:


Bankruptcy Affiliate

Great service for those clients who’s best option is a bankruptcy.

Debt Management Affiliate

Great program if your client or lead is concerned about their credit rating. With this program the funds go to creditors every month and the creditors will re-age their account status.

Tax Settlement Affiliate

Does your client owe anything to IRS or have and problems with IRS, Garnishments, Liens, Levies, Audits or more?

Student Loan Default Affiliate

Typically when a client or lead has a student loan and they are in default, they sometimes are getting wage garnishments, or IRS With holdings or sometimes they can’t get a job. We guarantee to get your client a brand new federal insured student loan at current rates (right now below 6%) or will refund their money.  This includes people who don’t have a job or income, we will get them a new loan and they can then put the loan in deferment and deferred payments until they are able to pay.

Who We Are

The Debt Alternative Center offers back-end debt settlement processing for new and existing companies providing debt resolution. Our National backend service also includes FDCPA protection and Debt Resolution, Attorney and Performance Model Debt Settlement, along with IRS Tax Resolution, Defaulted Student Loans and Bankruptcy.

Contact Us

Call us today 877-282-0555, or inquire online. All of our services are FTC & TSR compliant. Our attorney’s have A+ BBB ratings and our back end debt settlement processing service offers the highest splits in the industry. No upfront cost, personal training and marketing support. Contact us today to learn more about our debt settlement net branch and franchise affiliate programs.
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