Tax Settlement Affiliate

Why is it important to incorporate Tax Settlement into your business NOW?

Tax Settlement has quickly ramped up to become our debt settlement affiliate’s second biggest income generator behind debt settlement if not, number one. A Consumers only prerequisite to be approved & enrolled into our tax resolution program is that they owe the IRS (Federal) or the State of California money or Any State for that matter.  Or if they need settled back taxes, release IRS liens, stop IRS seizure, end wage garnishment or settle payroll taxes, basically anything involving the IRS.

Many Americans suffer from tax debt, heavy interest rates and severe late penalties. With THE DEBT ALTERNATIVE CENTER you can help consumers out of their disabling tax debt. Our tax attorney network works to negotiate an Offer of Compromise that can achieve a reduction of principal debt, waiving of interest and penalties as well as prevent or at least suspend wage garnishments, freezing of bank accounts, etc. Read more about general Tax Relief by clicking here.

Our compensation plan is lucrative & quick cash-flow for the tax settlement affiliate.

DAC’s mission is to provide its debt settlement affiliates with the knowledge, systems and service support it needs to be the most profitable and progressive business it can be. DAC is 100% driven by performance and maintaining our irreplaceable value to affiliates so they remain successful and loyal. Part of that support includes helping you get your tax settlement business off the ground and cash-flowing quickly.

DAC has invested time and money into making sure our software and systems in place are efficient and user friendly. This applies to all of the financial products that we process. Here is how easy Tax Settlement works:

  1.  The Retainer is collected upfront and is 50% of the program fee minimum.

  2. Your Client has the option to pay in 3 installments if necessary. For example, the 1st payment is 50% of total program fee and then they can split the balance in two additional payments. One payment is due on day 30 of the program and the final payment is due on day 60. The full program fees should  be collected within 60 days max.

  3.  Affiliates are paid weekly. Each weekly payment will represent compensation for all files with at least 50% of retainers collected by the week prior to payment.

  4.  By request, the client may participate in a 60 day payment plan. For such cases DAC will pay a tax settlement affiliate compensation for the file prior to the 60 day period if at least 50% of the program fee has been collected.


DAC looks forward to working with you. We are committed to making tax settlement an easy & profitable addition to your existing financial services.

We offer free training and support, real time file tracking with industry leader in TAX CRM, IRS Logics. For more information on how you can offer these services, click here or call 877-282-0555.

Who We Are

The Debt Alternative Center offers back-end debt settlement processing for new and existing companies providing debt resolution. Our National backend service also includes FDCPA protection and Debt Resolution, Attorney and Performance Model Debt Settlement, along with IRS Tax Resolution, Defaulted Student Loans and Bankruptcy.

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Call us today 877-282-0555, or inquire online. All of our services are FTC & TSR compliant. Our attorney’s have A+ BBB ratings and our back end debt settlement processing service offers the highest splits in the industry. No upfront cost, personal training and marketing support. Contact us today to learn more about our debt settlement net branch and franchise affiliate programs.
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