PrePaid Legal for Credit Card Collection Defense

Given the recent downfall of the economy, more and more people are pursuing debt settlement programs as an alternative to filing for bankruptcy. The educated consumer knows that a bankruptcy will remain on their credit report for up to 10 years and most consumers also know that the first question asked when applying for loan or job is, “Have you ever filed bankruptcy?” However, since the FTC legislation was passed in Oct. 2010 which prohibits debt settlement companies from charging an upfront fee, most companies have now opted to exit the business while others have agreed to collect a fee only once a settlement has been reached. This is also known as “performance model debt settlement” or “No Upfront Fee”. Companies opting to sell a performance model will typically not collect a fee for several years while accumulating the funds to make settlements. This type of business practice typically forces companies to run in the red and most will even close their doors, thus leaving their clients in the dark. As for consumers who are enrolled within a performance model program, by design they now have NO legal protection (upfront fees typically paid the attorney’s retainers) and they are left wide open to creditor lawsuits, harassing collection calls, judgments and even wage garnishments. This ultimately results in a lose-lose scenario for both the customer and the debt settlement company offering performance model debt settlement (no upfront fee).

The Debt Alternative Center is offering one of the first plans, which is designed to offer clients security and comfort in knowing that if any creditor lawsuits arise while enrolled in a debt relief program, the client is covered.  Debt settlement companies can now offer this service to their clients, allowing their clients to accumulate settlement funds while having a safety plan in place for their clients if the need for legal representation arises. This plan will also provide an additional revenue stream for debt settlement companies offering performance model or no upfront fee debt settlement. Thus debt settlement companies will have higher client retention rates, completion rates and overall satisfaction. As for the consumer, their coverage for credit card and debt collection defense includes reviewing legal documents, court filings, preparations and pleadings along with full representation in all court hearings and trials. This is clearly a win-win scenario for both the customer and debt settlement company providing performance model debt settlement.

Reasons to offer a Insurance Legal Plan:

  1. Higher Close Rate
  2. Immediate Revenue
  3. Higher Retention
  4. Fewer Judgments
  5. Better Settlements
  6. No Deductible
  7. No Co-Pay
  8. No Plan Limits
  9. Earn an Upfront Fee
  10. Earn a Monthly Residual


For more information on you how you can offer this service for your clients, please call 877-282-0555 or inquire by clicking here.


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The Debt Alternative Center offers back-end debt settlement processing for new and existing companies providing debt resolution. Our National backend service also includes FDCPA protection and Debt Resolution, Attorney and Performance Model Debt Settlement, along with IRS Tax Resolution, Defaulted Student Loans and Bankruptcy.

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