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Debt Settlement Sales Affiliates

 Your Responsibility as a Sales Representative


As a sales representative, your sole responsibility is to fully disclose the program to the client. By the end of your sale, the client should be well informed of what the program is and what they can expect while working through the program – that way there are no surprises or cancellations!

Part of this involves pre-qualifying the client. You should start with finding out if the client has the following pre-qualifications. These points are based off of the Min. Acceptance Standards and Approved States and Territories, and are subject to change.

1. Resides in one of the approved states/territories2

2. Has at least $5,000 in debt (Note: Depending on your office, this amount may be more…but definitely not less)

3. Has at least 3 creditors

4. Each debt at least $350

5. Can afford at least $250/month

6. Has a true hardship (not something like, “I don’t want to pay my debt anymore”)

Once you determine that the client is pre-qualified for the program, you can continue with the sale. From that point on, you can start to gather more information from the client to finalize the deal. It is recommended that you gather the client’s statements/credit report so that you have accurate balance amounts.

As a sales representative, you will be responsible for sending a contract to the client. You will also need to gather the completed, signed contract and forward it to Account Executive for pre-approval.

Once the file has been approved, we work with the client from that point on. If the client calls you after this point, please refer them back to us. We keep extensive notes of every involvement we have with the client and their creditors, and if you get involved outside of the office, we will not have it on our records.

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The Debt Alternative Center offers back-end debt settlement processing for new and existing companies providing debt resolution. Our National backend service also includes FDCPA protection and Debt Resolution, Attorney and Performance Model Debt Settlement, along with IRS Tax Resolution, Defaulted Student Loans and Bankruptcy.

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Call us today 877-282-0555, or inquire online. All of our services are FTC & TSR compliant. Our attorney’s have A+ BBB ratings and our back end debt settlement processing service offers the highest splits in the industry. No upfront cost, personal training and marketing support. Contact us today to learn more about our debt settlement net branch and franchise affiliate programs.
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